Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Husky's Poetry Corner: Me, Thee & "HE"

I find myself at wits end at times
At times my rhymes don't have the chime

I have the groove, I have the move
I have the mood to be that dude

The thing is to be that he, I speak to thee
As if there's more than me, It's like I speak of three

Ah, but it is I who tries to feat the lies
My mind tells this guy, leaves me asking why?

You see, I see, I need to free 
The inner me - who spends too much time being my enemy

I'm stronger than it, I've got the strength to succeed
I need to feed positive in my life, that's what I should heed

Thus, I will abide by my plan, ergo, abide God's plan for me
Positive daily is what I vow to be


(Image found at www.inktattoopics.com)


Anna said...

You're amazing at it and should not let life discourage you from pursuing it. Love you!!!

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